Our Services


Humane Animal Euthanasia

Humane Animal Euthanasia is an 8 hour initial course approved for continuing education hours with the Department of State Health Services. This class is taught at your specified location. $150 

The renewal class is a 4 hour class that does not include the "hands on" portion. $75.


Advanced Animal Control Officer Training

The Advanced ACO Class offers the ACO 12 hours of continuing education hours approved with DSHS. This extensive course offers an in-depth look in to the animal care and control field and covers the care and medical needs  of shelter animals, adoptions,  customer service, field work and much more! 8 Hrs. $150


Dangerous and Aggressive Dog Training

Dangerous and aggressive dogs are a huge liability for any government entity. Learning how to identify the potential of attack is detrimental to the welfare of the ACO and the public for which they serve. This 4 hour course givea the student the tools to be able to handle these situations and avoid potential bites or attacks, $75. This course is offered for ACO's in a DSHS approved 8 hour block, $150. An awareness version is offered in a 2 hour block to serve Code Enforcement, meter readers, and or mail carriers. $50.